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January 9th

We are done with our first week of reading! I have a full page of notes with things that stood out to me. The parables in chapter 13 got me thinking about designing a T-shirt line with questions to get people to think.

i.e :

Are you good seed? (Front of shirt)

Hope so 'cause tares will be gathered and burned. 😬(Matt. 13:38) (back of shirt)

Or, how about this one?:

Everyone is leaven (Gal. 5:9 & 1 Cor 5:6)

What are you doing to the dough? (Matt 13:33)

Well, maybe I shouldn't get into apparel. 😜

Anyway...there was a lot in the reading to get me to ponder! What stood out to you?

We should all be reading chs. 25-27 today in Matthew. Have a great week!!

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