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You did it!!!

You got through the whole New Testament in 4 ½ months!!

Congratulations!  Now, don’t lose the good habit you developed of reading every day.  Get into a new plan!

I plan on reading Psalms and Proverbs during the summer.

Now, a little about Revelation. There are two different ways to read it. Literally, and in chronological order (which is a popular way to read it in the US). This way is called “Pre-tribulation” with a literal 1000 year reign with Jesus on earth. Then a final battle, and then judgement.

There are other valid ways to interpret Revelation. The most popular “other” way, known as a-millennial, understands that there is a lot of symbolism and, seeing the same scene from different angles (not chronological)occurs throughout the book. The rapture of all people happens when Christ returns, after this long present church age where he is reigning from heaven now.

Either way, both agree, that as Christians, we will be raptured and live with Jesus forever. It will be glorious and I can’t wait! In the meantime we need to persevere in our faith and patiently wait for that day!

I have come to love Revelation! I highly recommend being open minded to different ways of reading Revelation. If you ever want to talk about it with me, I would love to do that! I love talking “theology”! 😉 Give me a call!!

I hope all you mom’s had a fabulous Mother Day!

Have a blessed summer and hopefully we will read together again sometime!

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