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Great hearing from Peter!

I might have messed you up this week by forgetting to include James 5 in the reading plan and then have you read all of 1 John 1-5 in one day. But, hey, at least you have a free day on Tuesday to catch up if need be. 😄

So….I had some deep thoughts this week when reading 2 Peter.  🤔 I am going to try to briefly explain.

The theologian John Calvin has had a huge  impact on our Christian culture. One of his five major points he espouses is “Perseverance of the saints”, otherwise known as “eternal security”.

I think if you were to ask a random person on the street, who identifies as a Christian, if it is possible to lose one’s salvation, he would answer with a resounding “No!”, because he has been influenced by this Calvinistic teaching. Calvin uses a lot of good verses to explain his theology (look up Calvin’s teaching if you want to know all the verses). I also love those same verse knowing that I am secure in God’s hands. However, one cannot ignore other verses that speak to the opposite position (which was promoted by  Arminius, a contemporary of Calvin).  Arminianism promotes “free will”.  One can chose to follow the Lord and then chose to walk away. Arminius also used a lot of verses to support him stance.

A Calvinist, in response to the idea of walking away from the faith, would say those people were never true believers in the first place.

Well….my deep thoughts happened while reading 2Peter 2:18-22.  Perhaps because I am reading a different version this time (NKJ), the verses hit me in a new way.

The false teachers Peter described as “wells  without water” were able to “allure” ones “who have actually escaped from those who live in error”.  Peter says these Christians knew “the way of righteousness”, (one cannot live righteously without the Holy Spirit), “then having known it, turn from the holy commandment delivered to them.”

In other words, Christians can be “lured” away by their own “lusts of the flesh”.

Reading this verse is very clear. One can return to their former way of life (vomit). To read more into that verse would be determined by what lens you wear, a Calvin lens or an Arminius lens. But both groups need to ask themselves, If Peter didn’t think that a Christian can be in danger, why give the warning?

Anyway, that was my deep thought. 😜

The bottom line is, Peter was appealing to those he is writing to (“those who obtained like precious faith”, 1:1), to watch out for teachers who teach a false “liberty” (vs.19).

False teaching does have an effect on Christians! Don’t think that because you are a Christian you are immune to these effects!

Keep reading your Bible! Your familiarity with God’s Word will help you detect those “wells with no water”.

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