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Videos from Community Bible Reading (2021)

If you are reading a certain section and wanna hear some thoughts from me on that section, find the video and take a look. 

The Gospels Matthew and Mark

Matthew part 1:

Matthew part 2:


Matthew part 3:

Mark part 1:

Mark part 2:

Mark part 3:


Luke, John Acts


Luke 6-12:

The Trinity:

John 1-9 Festivals:

John 10-16-The Temple:

John 17- Acts 2- Joy:

Acts 3-23- Hx of Festival Weeks:

Acts-Romans: the Torah:


Romans & Corinthians

Romans 3-9:

Romans 10-16 Q &A time:

1 Corinthians - Rewards:

1 Corinthians- Hx of Bloody Mary:


Galatians- Creeds:

Ephesians- Women have been hijacked:

Philippians-Colossians- Yup, a Hell!:

Thessalonians- Satan's tactics #1:

2 Timothy- Satan's tactic #2:


Hebrews: part 1:

Hebrews part 2:

James- Cognitive Dissonance:

Peter- Canonization:

Revelation -Eschatology part 1:

Revelation- The Millennium?:

Revelation chs. 12-22:

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