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January 15, 2023

Hello and happy Sunday to you!

How is your reading going? I hope you have been able to find the time in your day, to establish a routine and read three chapters.

If you printed out the reading plan from my blog under the tab "reading plans" you may have noticed that on day 10 we just had one chapter to read as well as day 16. So, today before you go to bed you should have finished Mark 15 but if not, tomorrow can act as catch up day of sorts.

Do you believe in spiritual warfare? I pondered when reading in Mark how people brought their loved ones to Jesus to have evil spirits kicked out (7:25, 9:17), but also, the demons came to Jesus themselves (Mark 1:23, 5:1). I guess they couldn't help being drawn to Jesus to see what was going to happen, since they knew he was the Son of God (5:7).

This week, I felt like demons were drawn over to my house to see how Jesus was working. It seemed like a spiritual battle was taking place and YOU were involved!! YOU said you wanted to join me in the reading. That is God working in your heart, drawing you to himself. Well, the demons saw that response from you and wanted to stop that feom happening.

How do I know that? Several of you said you didn't get any emails from me as to next steps for how and when to start the reading. Instead of being able to investigate the matter, my whole computer froze up! After hours with tech support, I ended up needing to bring my computer into the Apple store and leaving it there over night! Now my external hardware is transfering all my data back onto my computer. I have been unable to do anything about the blog site for 5 days!

But, God is still working! I know you are reading with me. Maybe you got a little behind, but I am confident you are still eager to read God's Word and will forge on!

God is more powerful than any computer demon! 😛

However, need to remember that some demons can only come out by prayer (9:29) so, I pray for you that if any demon, that may be keeping you from reading, will be driven away by the power of Jesus! Amen!!

Have a great week!!

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