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April 3, 2023-Revelation

We are done! Can you believe it? We finished the whole New Testament in 3 months. Good job! I hope you enjoyed it.

Revelation was absolutely fascinating to me this time through! Concurently I was read a book that explained the different ways Christians interpret the prophetic letter. I highly recommend getting the book to aid in your understanding of a very confusing letter!


A Parallel Commentary

Four views revised and updated

By Steve Gregg

I would love to know what view you take when reading Revelation! 🤓

I hope you have a blessed Easter with your family and God bless the rest of your year with many new insights from his Word.

Good bye for now!

BTW, I am heading south this summer with two of my kids to learn Spanish! So I am trying to get a jump on the learning with my new mug!

Felices Pascuas!

Happy Easter! 🐣

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