I'm starting my Summer Reading Today!!! I hope you join me!!

Do you want to dig into some Old Testament reading?  

I have the perfect plan for some "light" summer reading.  It's only one chapter a day, but, by September, you will have read through 5 books of the Old Testament and a few of the Psalms! 

I say that sounds like a good plan!

I hope you join me!! The reading starts today!!!

If you sign up to receive my weekly posts, you will get a reminder to where you should be in the reading each week. 

I also hope you post a response once in a while, to let me know that someone "out there" is reading along with me! 😉

I recommend you go to the "Spiritual Fervor" tab to print out the plan so that you can follow along easily.

I am excited to get started!! I hope you join me!

Happy Reading!!


Sherry B said…
Looking forward to continuing with your reading plan.
Yay!!! Glad to be reading with you!!
Unknown said…
I'm starting today! I got my printer to make the schedule and I'll start today and catch up. Thank you, Anita!!
Melanie Loucks said…
The former comment was made by Melanie Loucks

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