Hebrews 7-13- Persevere!!!

Hello New Testament Readers!!

Can you believe how far we have come in our reading?!  We are done with Hebrews and now we only have 8 books left before we are finished with the whole New Testament!!!

Here are the links to the talks done today.  The bottom line, to both talks, is the same the writer of Hebrews gave....persevere!!!

History portion: https://youtu.be/zdN2zSZruNw  
Kims talk: https://youtu.be/8hiNlFqb7QY

Have fun reading James through the start of 1 Peter and have a great week! 



Unknown said…

Hello Anita & Fellow Followers,
Count it ALL joy! Not easy to do. But I can say 'Perseverance' does pay off in the end.
Melanie L.

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