2 Thessalonians 3--1 Timothy 6-> Watch for Satan's tactic #2!!

Happy Holy Week to all of you New Testament Readers!!

Wow! The week of reading had a lot in it! But, that's not surprising. Each verse of God's word is chuck full of good stuff! 

It's so glad we are doing this reading so that we can heed Paul's advice to Timothy, to watch for false doctrine (1:3-5).  How are we to watch for it if we don't know correct doctrine?  

That is why reading the Bible every day is paramount to increase our understanding of "doctrine". Paul says, if we persevere in them (correct doctrine) we will save both ourselves and others!! 

I want to encourage you (like Michelle reminds us to do in her talk) that you are doing the best thing by being in your Bible more than other human writers.  

Good job and kept going! We only have 9 weeks left of the reading plan!!

History/Religion lesson: https://youtu.be/vZph2FcL91g

Michele's talks of encouragement: https://youtu.be/3qwGt5jvUP0


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