Joshua 16-22- Inquire of the Lord while you wait!

After reading how the land was divided between the tribes in this week's reading, I bet some of you were thinking...."Do I really need to read all these names? I can't find a lot of practical application for myself in this reading, do I really need to keep reading?....."

Come on, be honest, did you have any of those thoughts?  Well, I have a challenge for you! If you feel you got nothing out of the reading take a look again, looking for these subjects:

  • Thoughts on women's rights (chapter 17)?  
  • An acknowledgment for the need for capital punishment yet there is a time for not implementing capital punishment (chapter 19)?
  • Did you notice to whom the cities of refuge were given? I thought it was interesting that the one's designate to be the priests (the intercessor between the people and God) would be the ones to receive those who needed mercy. Maybe God felt they were the best equipped to deal wtih the emotions involved in those cases, who knows, I just found that interesting...
Personally, I saw a lot to glean from these chapters!  The biggest take away for me was when I read, "Not one of the Lord's good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled." (Joshua 21:45) God's promise that he made with Abraham 400 years earlier had now come to pass.  The take away...God keeps his promises!! The big promise I am waiting on is the return of Jesus! (Matt. 24:36, Heb. 9:28 & Rev 1:7) 

But while we wait to see God's promise fulfilled for us, he still wants to actively participate in our lives. I loved reading how God wanted the Israelites to "inquire" of him as they made daily decisions.  I took to heart the story we read last week of how the Israelites did not inquire of the Lord therefore, it didn't go well for them (Joshua 9:14). Since reading that chapter, I have, on numerous occasions, these past two weeks, reminded myself, "Inquire of the Lord!" It has been remarkable how quickly I have gotten answers when I have prayed, "What do I do, Lord?"

It is my prayer that I continue the rest of my life with this new prompt.  Inquire of the Lord.  What better way to approach life!
How about you? Checking out the reading again, did you find anything that you could practically apply today? 


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