2 Thessalonians 1- 1 Timothy 4- If it doesn't sound right, take time to figure it out!

One week of "lockdown" complete!
How is your daily Bible reading coming along?  Do you have more time to read now that everything has been canceled? I would love to hear what has stood out to you in the reading!

On Friday, a distant friend called to check to see how I was doing with the new way of life due to the coronavirus.  She was busy watching her granddaughter and was also listing her concerns with other family members and how she was helping them. She ended with, "I hope the man upstairs sees how hard I am trying to help everyone and gives me extra credit for it, and lets me in!"

Well...that's not exactly how it works...but I didn't feel it was the time to get into a theological discussion, so we signed off with love and good tidings. However, I was left reviewing in my head that nothing we "do" will earn our entrance into heaven, except the "doing" of having faith in Jesus and what he did on the cross.  That's it!  Everything we "do" is just an act of love in response to the gift He gave.

Then, Saturday, I'm reading how Paul is telling Timothy how to set up the church and who to have as overseers and deacons.  He says, "Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus." (1 Tim 3:13)

Wait...what?...What did Paul mean by that?  The wording made it sound to me like, "if you serve well, your salvation is assured".  Did I read that right?.... What the heck? No wonder my friend has the idea that if she serves well, she has a sure spot in heaven.....Yet, that doesn't go with all the rest of what the New Testament teaches! I had to figure this out!

Once again, I am thankful for commentaries!! When something doesn't sound right to you, do you take the next step to figure it out?
Well, I'm glad I did.  I found the answer quickly and then relaxed knowing,..silly me...I read it wrong.  I twisted in my head what it actually said.😝 It said, "great assurance in their faith", not "assurance in their salvation".

This is how the Matthew Poole'scommentary put it,
"And great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus; by the well performance also of the office of a deacon, many obtained a great liberty, or freedom of speech, parrhsian, as to the doctrine of the faith of Christ. For by the exercise of the deacon’s office, they had much converse both with the pastors and members of the church; which converse did not only improve their knowledge in the doctrine of faith, but took off that excessive bashfulness which possesseth many till they come to be fully acquainted with the thing of which, and the persons before which, they are to speak, which we see by daily experience."

That makes sense!  It's also encouraging!  When taking a leadership role, one's faith becomes bolder!  I want bold faith!... Maybe I should become a deacon....😉


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