Weekly Sunday Post for the New Reading Plan

Hello Fellow Blogger and Bible Reader,

Are you up for some lighter reading than what we have done before on this blog?
I am going to be reading the New Testament this school year, starting today!!  Even though I will be going at a slow pace, I will still be done with the whole New Testament by June!!  
I will be reading ONE chapter a day!  How easy is that??  

This is what I will be doing and I would love to have you join me!!
I bought myself a fun weekly planner.  I will read one chapter, think about what I read, and write a sentence about the reading in my calendar.  That way, I know I will reflect a little bit about what I read, verses rush off with my day, not giving the chapter a thought.  
Then, every Sunday, I will post on my blog something about the week's reading.  If you join me, I would love to hear what you got out of your week's worth of reading.  So, if you continue with the blog, you will only get one post a week, as a way for us to keep in touch.

Personally, life has gotten busy, but I refuse to give up my daily reading habit of the Bible.  God’s word is alive and I don’t want to miss out on what he has to say to me!!
I hope you join me if you don’t have any other reading plan or Bible study going at this time!
Start today!!!


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