Matthew 3-4~ Day 2~ Lead me not in to temptation!!

I had some interesting thoughts when I read, "Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil." (4:1).....wait, what??😳
The Spirit led him "to be tempted"?  

Then....the Lord's Prayer, that I was taught as a kid, came to my mind.  Jesus told us that we should pray like this: "Lead me not into temptation" (Matt. 6:13)


Well, I know that God doesn't do the tempting (James 1:13), but he certainly allows Satan to do some sifting, doesn't he?  (Luke 22:31)

So, in todays's reading, we see Jesus allowed Satan to tempt him.  I'm obviously impressed with each come back Jesus gives and how he sets an example for us when we are tempted, but to be honest, I don't know if I could conjure up quick come backs like Jesus did if I were in a situation that required one!......Therefore, I am just going to stick with praying the way Jesus told me I should!  I want to avoid the tempting situations all together!!

The beauty in praying is that, God hears!
Unlike when we try to avoid things on our own, "I won't eat that, I won't eat that, arg...I ate it!!" 😞  God gives us his Spirit to give us the strength to overcome! (Phil. 4:13)  There is responsibility on our part, i.e. stop buying the food that stumbles, block your devices if they stumble, avoid certain people if they cause you to stumble, etc.  Yet, the Spirit gives us help as well.  He gives us a way out if we chose to take it. (1 Cor. 10:13) And he keeps us from it all together if we pray about it!

Know that Satan will keep asking to sift you, but remember your great defense, prayer!! Pray the way Jesus told us to!!  "Lead me not into temptation! " and then trust that God hears you and he will help you!


Rapster J said…
So true. And one of the keys to not be tempted is to enter the "Kingdom of Heaven, which is now at hand (and available)" as both John the Baptist and Jesus proclaimed. We can avail ourselves of the Kingdom through the Holy Spirit. He will give us the strength.
Lori said…
I try to remember this saying daily: "The devil wants you to worry about your future so you can't enjoy your life right now. He is a liar. Enjoy every minute of your life because it is a gift from God".
So true! I was thinking about that...when our minds are set on the "Kingdom of Heaven", the things that once tempted us aren't as important. Temptations diminish...yet...some are still there. Praise the Lord he helps us!!
SO TRUE!! Never underestimate the spiritual battle going on behind the scenes!

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