Matthew 27-28~ Day 14~ Don't serve up leftovers!

This is one of the saddest sections of reading to me, but since we just read of the reality that Jesus will return, I was able to get through it without wanting to cry!

My mom has a saying she often used when she came to babysit my kids.  "OK, hurry up and leave so that you can come back."
I found myself wanting to say that to Jesus as I read today!

Also, I took special note of the rich man, Joseph, from Arimathea in today's reading (Matt. 27:57).  Obviously, it's not impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God (Matt. 19:23).  It may be hard, but not impossible.  Joseph, a disciple of Jesus, is proof of that!

I have been told that most American's, on a global scale, are rich.  So, going by that standard, I'm rich like Joseph!  Joseph gave the brand new tomb, that had been prepared for his family, to Jesus.  Would I give something brand new, specifically prepared for my family, to Jesus?  Joseph wrapped the dead body in "fine linen".  Would I have used fine linen to do something like that?

Joseph's generosity as a disciple was remarkable!!  He played such a valuable role in this story!  He was showing honor to the King!  I want to be like Joseph!!  I want my wealth to be counted for something that honors the King!  What a great way to be remembered; being generous to one's Savior.
I am so thankful for Joseph's example.  I want to learn from him~
Give your best to Jesus, not your leftovers.


Rapster J said…
I was thinking of Joseph, too, that he was now publicly for Jesus, rather than the visit "undercover". It is a big deal, he will now be unwelcomed out of the synagogue where I'm sure he was very comfortable.
Yes, when I remember that the reward is so great when I keep Jesus as my priority, it's easier to give up the things I find so comfortable. That reminds me of the parable of of the merchant who found the valuable pearl, went away, sold everything he had and went back to buy it (Matt.13:47). Knowing what we get when we follow Jesus makes it easier to give up the comfortable stuff, knowing what we will gain so much more in return.

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