Matthew 13-14~ Day 7~ The wicked will be gathered first?

"At harvest time I'll tell the reapers: Gather the weeds first and tie them in bundles to burn them, but collect the wheat in my barn." (Matt. 13:30)
Jesus explained that,  "The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.   Therefore just as the weeds are gathered (first) and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age."

I'm drawn to this section of scripture because I just read about those angles in Revelation (14:15-20).  They gathered up "the grapes" and threw then into the great winepress of God's wrath. 😱

So, here's a question for you Bible scholars.... if Jesus explains his parable as being about the last days, and he tells the reapers to gather the weeds first, why do we read 24:41 on the assumption that those taken first would be the righteous ones?  Matthew 24:31 and 1 Thess. 4:17 say the angels will gather the "elect"yet, we also know they will gather the wicked as well (13:41)

After today's reading, where Jesus says to "Gather up the weeds first",  I am left thinking about that 24:41 scripture in a new way!.... Interesting....don't you think?   🤔


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