Matthew 1-2~ Day 1~ Let's get started!!😄

Welcome to the four month reading plan!!  I pray God blesses the time you spend in His word!

I usually share a little something of what I got out of the reading, but I would also love to hear what you got out of your reading!  So, please say something in the comment section if you feel like sharing.
I am reading out of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) this time through.  I like to mix it up with the versions because it makes different verses stand out in a different way at times.  I love that!!

So, let's get started!

The first verse got me thinking! "An account of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the Son of Abraham:" (1:1)

Immediately, I thought of what I just read in Revelation 22:16.  "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches.  I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."

This is so cool!  Matthew takes the time to show us the genealogy of Jesus, proof that he is the "Offspring of David".  But, Jesus clarifies in Revelation that he is also the Root!! As the creator of all (Col. 1:16), he existed long before David!  David came from Him, who is the Root!  God had designed a plan from the beginning of time that the Messiah would come from the line of David (2 Sam 7:13, Isaiah 11:1, Jer 23:5).  And now we read exactly that in Matthew.

I am just so impressed with God, his creativity, his story telling and everything else about him!!  I am no English teacher, but I would give God an A+++ on this writing!😉


Christine R said…
Totally agree... and funny I decided I would use the MSG translation this go round...
Lori said…
I keep forgetting how many generations there were between Abraham and Jesus!
I did the Message version once. That's really fun and different! My Message version was in a Bible that had the NIV in a column next to it. I liked that because some verses were so unfamiliar, I was able to easily compare.
Have fun with it! I hope it illuminates verses in new ways for you!
I think you forget because it’s confusing! We read different genealogies when comparing Matthew’s to Luke’s.
One difference is that Matthew is stressing the lineage to Abraham and the covenant. Luke is stressing the lineage back to Adam to illustrate that Jesus is related to all humans.
So, Luke lists a lot more names between Jesus to Abraham than Matthew does. Bible scholars say Matthew is “telescoping” to come to the three sets of 14. Also, scholars feel the names vary because one may be listing the legal father (remember brothers would need to have child for their dead brother if necessary), and the other would be listing the biological ancestor, not necessarily the direct father, but grandfather. Either way, keep in mind that the Jewish people kept meticulous records on genealogy so one or the other is not incorrect, they just focus on different attributes of the genealogy.

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