Mark 7-8 Day 18~ Demanding a sign? You gotta be kidding!

I'm hosting a party tonight.  It's making me think "meal prep" and how to serve it up.  One event I had at my house, I served the food like I normally do, down one side of the table.  I regretted doing it that way when I realized they could have gone down both sides of the table, serving everyone twice as fast. As it was, some people were done eating while others were still in line!
So, needless to say, my attention is drawn once again to the feeding of thousands of people!  I am mesmerized by it, actually.  The logistics of getting that food spread out to everyone and then going through the crowd to collect the left overs seems overwhelming to me! 

Luke 10: 3-17 refers to Jesus sending out 70 disciples to prepare the way for him.  Maybe these 70 people were there to help with the distribution of bread, instead of just the closest 12.  Even so, that is 75 people (not including women and children) for each one of those 70 disciples serving up the bread and fish.  I think because I have planned big events and have been part of big events, I find the logistics of this story remarkable.  Yet, I can't tell you how many times I have glossed over it, not giving it much of a thought. The story has almost become blasΓ©.  This time though,.....I'm blown away by this miracle!

So, I keep reading and get to this..."The Pharisees came and began to argue with him, demanding of him a sign from heaven to test him." (8:11)
Are you kidding me???!!!  What do you think he has been doing (said this disciple)?

No wonder Jesus sighed deeply! (vs.12)  I would have been right there with him! 
I'm thinking again, what I wrote yesterday, I hope I don't become so busy or hard hearted that I don't see the miracles Jesus does in my life.  I would be so sad if I got to heaven and got a run down of my life and saw how many times Jesus sighed at me!! So, my prayer is the same as yesterday, "Lord, please help me be spiritually attuned to you and how you are work in my life!"


I'm wondering if the fish was cooked or raw?

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