Mark 5-6~ Day 17~Too busy to see the miracles?

The CSB version of the Bible I am reading had a slightly different way to word Mark 6:41b.  "He kept giving them (the broken loaves) to his disciples to set before the people.  He also divided the two fish among them all."
The NIV says, "Then he gave them to his disciples."
I had a new way to picture the scene when I read, "He kept giving them" the broken pieces.  

Maybe the disciples, for example, Andy, Tom and Bart, got a handful of broken pieces from Jesus, went to the closest group of 50 sitting down, passed what they had out to the people and then went back to Jesus, he hands them more and they turn around again and go to the next group.  Eventually every group of 50-100 had a disciple like Thad or Simon approach them with an arm full of broken pieces of bread....Then came the second course~fish!!

I love trying to visualize the scene!  I bet the disciples were so busy running back and forth passing out food, that they weren't really thinking about how Jesus was able to continually divide what he had in his hands.  If they took the time to think about it, they probably would have stopped in their tracks and thought, "What on earth is going on here?!"  But, they were too busy to think about it.

So, here is a question, was it busyness that made their hearts heard? They couldn't see the miracle happening before their eyes.  It amazed me to read after the storm, "They were completely astounded because they had not understood about the loaves.  Instead, their hearts were hardened." (6:51-52)

What a great lesson for us (me in particular)!  God does miraculous things around us all the time!  Does the busyness of life keep me from seeing God in action?
Lord, please don't allow me to develop a hardened heart!  Slow me down enough to see the miracles you do every day.


Rapster J said…
That's an interesting thought, I did wonder about their hardened hearts. I also thought it interesting that Jesus "could not do any miracles in Nazareth, except lay on hands a heal few people"; which I would still consider miracles! Kinda funny actually.
I know! Those few miracles were almost discounted, barely worthy of mention by Mark. Yet, those few people touched by Jesus had their lives changed because of it! I hope those few that were healed did their part to soften their neighbors hearts toward Jesus after he left. Personal testimonies have a way of doing that. Maybe that was even the start of James and the other siblings having a heart change toward Jesus. After all, something changed their minds eventually. I want to believe that the siblings of Jesus all came to know him as their Savior, just as their mother did.

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