Mark 15-16~ Day 22~ There’s no way he could keep faking it!

Obviously, if you are a "believer" you will see thousands of examples in the gospel writings that prove Jesus was/is the Messiah.
One such example stood out to me today.  I would love to have a conversation with a nonbeliever and discuss this one point.
First of all, it would need to be established that the writings of Mark is a first hand account of events.  Whatever was not witnessed by John Mark, the young man who ran away naked in the garden (14:51) was probably retold to him by Peter (first hand account) with whom he worked closely with (Acts 12:12 & 1 Peter 5:13).

So, after establishing that Peter or Mark heard the words of Jesus as he hung on the cross, it can be established that Jesus really said, "My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?" (Mark 15:34)

One could argue that Jesus was a brilliant man and memorized much of the Old Testament.  He spent his life pretending he was the Messiah and threw out quotes when they fit.  One can even argue that he set up the borrowing of the colt prior to telling Peter and John to go get it (Mark 11;2).  It would be a stretch for me to believe that Jesus pre-set up all his miracles and then went back to the scene to act them out.  He was always traveling with a group people.  They would have noticed long stretches of absences from the group.  Anyway, let's just say that this Jesus guy had a severe case of "delusions of grandeur".
Would that person, Jesus, be able to hold to the deception up to the last moments of their life.  After being beaten severely and crucified, would that person still be able to quote Old Testament scripture just because it fit in at the moment?
Jesus's lasts words are more proof to me that he was/is, indeed, the Messiah. On the cross he is not just quoting Old Testament scripture, he is living out what the prophet, predicted (nearly 1000 years before) Jesus would say, "My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?  Why are you so far from my deliverance and from my words of groaning?" (Psalm 22:1)   That same Psalm has the words, "They divided my garments among themselves and they cast lots for my clothing." (vs. 18)

Even a person who suffers from delusions of grandeur could not carry their deception to their final, labored breath!  They could not pre-arrange that the soldiers would divide the clothes!

To me, it is so obvious what the truth is here!  I would love to point all this out to a nonbeliever!!  But, the fact is, some people who don't want a savior, will fight to keep from seeing the real one.  It doesn't matter how convincing an argument can be.  It doesn't matter if one gives a great, logical argument. Some just don't want to be saved. 😔

But.......some do!!  Therefore, when I ever do get to have a conversation with a nonbeliever about the truth of Jesus, I'm going to be ready!!


Rapster J said…
Yes, people throw out all kinds of stuff they heard someone say about Christianity. My neighbor said to me the other day that the bible was written 300 years after Jesus! I was incredulous! Of course, implying it was questionable in reliability. I quickly corrected that, and gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she was thinking of the council that codified or compiled the books of the bible around 300 ad (ish).
Don't you just love that you were able to give her an intelligent response?! Good for you!! I pray you are able to keep the dialogue going with her!!

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