Mark 13-14~ Day 21~ "Yet, not what I will.."

In church this past weekend, we had a missionary share about the work God is doing in India.  This particular missionary is Indian himself, he came to America and become the lead pastor of a church in Irvine, CA.  However, after several years here in the USA, he felt God calling him back to India to encourage the pastors there.  He went on to share a bit about the politics of India.  He explained that the government system has something like 530 voting seats. There must be a 75% majority to agree to change the constitution. There is a push right now to fill the up coming vacant seats in the next election with more of the majority who are pushing to change the constitution.  If they can get the 75% control, the plan is to make Christianity illegal as per the country's constitution.  Christians are already being persecuted in this mostly Hindu country, but the laws don't not say it is illegal....yet.

The missionary sharing this information with us asked us to pray that the party against Christianity would not get the "majority" to change the constitution.  Then he added, "But even if they do, that will not stop us from doing the work God has called us to do!"

How inspiring!  I will definitely be praying for him!!
I thought of him when I read today how Jesus prayed, "Abba, Father," he said, " everything is possible for you.  Take this cup form me,  Yet, not what I will, but what you will." (14:36).

The missionary was asking us to pray just as Jesus did.

Lord, it's possible that you can make it so that this powerful political party can not change the constitution, but even if it's your will that they do, please give the missionary, the pastors and all Christians there in India, the strength and protection to continue the work you want them to do. Also, Lord, may the first part of this prayer never be needed for the USA! 


Rapster J said…
Did not know about that in India! I guess they would have to shut down Mother Theresa's group then... I will pray for them all, too. And always praying for our country and leaders, regardless of party.

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