Luke 7-8~ Day 26~What to do with doubts.

I've heard sermons on John the Baptist and his little episode of doubt.  Who wouldn't have doubts in his situation? Here he was doing what God called him to do and he was being punished for it!  If I were in his shoes, I would be wondering.....Why, God?  Why would Jesus leave me in here?  I was pointing people to him!"

The sermons I have heard usually focus on how Jesus assured John that in fact he was the Messiah for whom John was sent to prepare the way. This time reading the story, I noticed something different; a practical application for me!

First of all, I am pretty sure John knew, without a doubt, that his "relative" (Luke 1:36) was the Messiah.  After all, he was there when "the Holy Spirit descended on him (Jesus) in a physical appearance like a dove.  And a voice came from heaven: "You are my beloved son; with you I am well-pleased." (Luke 3:22)
He also just heard from his disciples that Jesus raised a young man, the widow’s son, from the dead. (Luke 7:18).
John's knowledge of the truth and his belief in Jesus reminds me of mine!  Yes, I believe! I know it to be true!  Yet, John, I have moments of doubt, especially when things seem to be going side-ways. 😰

Did you notice how Jesus responded to John's disciples when they conveyed John's question to Him? It's like he said, "When you have doubts, go back to God's word!"
Jesus used scripture to answer them! In fact he quotes from three different chapters in Isaiah!
What a good, practical application for me when I have doubts.  God’s Word speaks to us! Don't go to other sources.  Don't go to self-help books or read the most popular sociology/psychology/secular insight.  That doesn't help with doubts in Jesus!

Jesus gives explicit directions on what to do when questioning one's faith, Go to the Bible!  Remind yourself of what you know is true!
What a great reminder! 


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