Revelation 21-22~ Day 120- It is done!

Even though John tried, the new heaven and the new earth are so incredible, they are hard to describe!!  His use of symbolism, to be honest, didn't give me a good visual picture to imagine, but it gave me some hard facts to rest on!
  • The symbolism of the Holy City being a perfect square, obviously doesn't mean we will be living in a box for the rest of eternity, rather the focus is on the perfection!!  We, the bride, the Holy City, will be perfect!!
  • The jewels symbolizing "purity" and "durability", according to my footnote, will last forever.  That means we will last forever
  • "The old order of things has passed away" (21:4b).  That one is mind blowing to me!!  All we understand of our world now, for example in science (cause and effect, gravity, permeability), will pass away. Life will have a new order!  I giggle thinking about how Jesus appeared in the room with the disciples when the doors were locked (John 20:19-20).  Heaven is going to be beyond what Hollywood could imagine!! 
  • "No longer will there by any curse." (22:3)  I love how the end of the book ties with the beginning of the Old Testament.  The cruse on the earth and man, is Genesis 3 will be gone!  Can you imagine a life with no curse?!  It's hard to, but it sure is fun trying!!!

I hope you had fun reading the whole New Testament in four months!  What a great way to start 2019!  God bless you as the year goes on.  I hope you continue reading the Bible in some way; maybe venture into the Old Testament. 
If you are up for the challenge of the New again, I am starting over again May 1st!!!🤓


BabsH said…
Thanks for all you efforts! I'm starting over too.
Thanks for letting me know you will be reading with me again! It's always fun to know I'm not alone! ☺️
Yay! I love the comments you have made throughout the reading! It's made it fun for me!! So, I'm glad you will be joining me again!!
Looking forward for tomorrow’s new start, thanks Anita for blessing all of us with blog xo
Rapster J said…
Starting over, too. Thanks, Anita for urging us on!
That's so great!! I look forward to hearing any comments you may have!
I am equally blessed!!
You don't even realize how much you all encourage me to keep reading!!
Lauren said…
Thanks Anita for your insights and excitement that you brought to us daily!! I absolutely loved the daily reading of the New Testament and have suggested it to many!! Keep it up and God bless!!
I'm so glad you joined me!! How awesome that you are telling other people!! That's what we need, more people reading the Bible for themselves!! Yay! Your excitement is spreading the Word as well!!

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