Matthew 13-14~ Day 7~ Riddle= Parable- explanation

I often find myself using analogies to relay a message to people. For example, being asked to “guest author” this blog was like being coaxed into giving an impromptu toast. I would be eager to toast and encourage the honoree, but would be nervous that the right words may not come to my mind mid-speech. Using an analogy helps better demonstrate the message which is being delivered.

Parables are like analogies. While reading Matthew 13, we read parables that Jesus told crowds of people, and then we immediately get to hear the explanation of the parable which was requested by, and then given to, the disciples. While doing today’s reading I did contemplate however, whether the crowds of people listening to Jesus appreciated the parables as much as I do.  From the verses I read, it does not appear as if an explanation was immediately given to the crowds. It would not be as fun to hear that “life is like a box of chocolates” but then to receive no explanation. Similarly, I would imagine that the parable of the seeds or the treasure in the field, left some listeners with more questions than answers. I believe that these parables still blessed the crowds that got to hear and see Jesus in person, but this chapter made me deeply appreciate God’s Word and the exhaustive depths it goes into in order to give readers a clear understanding of the God we pursue.

On this post, I would love to provoke some comments regarding Peter getting out of the boat and walking on water towards Jesus. I have read these verses several times but something new that stuck out to me was the fact that Peter seemed to show more faith then other disciples by requesting to be called out to Jesus. Although Peter’s fear and distrust caused him to sink, stepping out of a boat expecting to walk on water requires some faith! I wonder what tone of voice Jesus used while saying, “You of little faith. . . why did you doubt?”


Unknown said…
I agree about Peter's faith! I also thought to myself: but Jesus, didn't he show much faith initially simply by asking to come to you on the water? I guess it's that pesky wind of troubles that always seems to be ready to test us!
Rapster J said…
I wonder if Jesus' use of parables caused some to seek Him in person- there were many more disciples and followers than just the 12. Kind of like going to see the professor after class- to use an analogy. As to Jesus saying Peter had little faith, I kind of always assumed He meant it fondly, not accusatory.
Agreed! It serves as a good example that even when we make the initial declaration that Jesus is our lord, temptation will still befall us and we need to keep fixated on him during our whole walk and not just initially.
I appreciate the analogy! It seems reasonable. I also read Jesus' words as non-accusatory. Glad we are in agreement.

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