Mark 5-6 ~ Day 17 ~ Fire and Brimstone?😬 You bet!

Yesterday it was mentioned that we Christians should be like John the Baptist, shouting out the Good News to others.  The Kingdom of God is near!  Yea!  Paradise, “Sonshine”, no more tears, happy, happy, happy! 😃 

But on the flip side of that, something else is coming! 😬

I was struck today by the fact that the other thing that is coming is so bad, even the demons don’t want to go there!
“In God’s name don’t torture me! (5:7), “And he begged Jesus again and again not to send them out of the area.” (vs.10)  In Luke 8:31 it says, “And they begged Jesus repeatedly not to order them to go into the Abyss.”

I was talking to a guy this past week who grew up with Communists parents.  As a result, he had no concept of heaven or hell.  He said, “I just believe in what I can see.”  Well, it’s hard to share the good news of Jesus (which is basically sharing how one can be spared from the wrath of God), when one has no concept of hell, right?!

I am beginning to think that if one is going to share the “Good News” with others, the starting point should be clarifying the bad news.  If one doesn’t have an understanding of that, how can they truly understand the Good News?

These verses in Mark could be used as a starting point! I could have shared this story with that guy. This story demonstrates that hell is bad!!! The demons know what the abyss is, and they don’t want to go there!!  Isn’t it interesting that we can actually learn a lesson from demons?

On another note, a friend  created an acronym  for me yesterday,to help me learn the 12 disciples.  I thought I would share it with you!
See if you can name them all with: My Aunt Judy Tossed a Pretty, Peanut Butter, Jelly Sandwich To James & John.

I think this might actually help me learn them!!


Unknown said…
So to piggy back on to that same story.... does anyone else find it interesting that Jesus this time actually instructs the formally demon possessed man to go home and tell the people what the Lord has done for him? After some miracles Jesus instructs not to tell of what has happened.(ch. 1) Am I missing something?
Lauren said…
Kim, I wondered the same but my notes say that perhaps the contrast may be that this took place in Gentile territory where there was little danger that Messianic ideas would be circulated.

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