Luke 7-8~ Day 26~You can learn a lot from those women!

Chapters 7 and 8 are filled with accounts of good stuff!  Jesus healing, people believing, and practical teaching.  I found three verses to be odd at first but then realized there was a lot to learn in those three verses as well!
“The twelve were with him and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases.  These woman were helping support them out of their own money.” (8:1-3)

At first read through, I thought this was extra, peripheral information added because Luke is so detail oriented.  But, then I asked myself, why?  Why would Luke include this in his account of the life of Jesus?  

Well, there are two things that can be learned from these three verses.  One was very well stated in my commentary, “Jesus lifted women up from degradation and servitude to the joy of fellowship and service.  In Jewish culture, women were not supposed to learn from rabbis. By allowing these women to travel with him, Jesus was showing that all people are equal under God.”
I love that!! 
Another thing can be learned from these women.  They're all extremely thankful for what Jesus did in their life!   In response, they gave back to Him from what they had.  That is a big lesson to learn, don’t you think?  They were not just doing the obligatory tithe that the Old Testament teaches.  They were giving to support the work of Jesus; the sharing of the gospel.  It’s a great observation and question I can ask myself.  I am thankful for what Jesus has done for my own eternity, am I turning around and sharing financially what I have, to further the gospel?

Good stuff to ponder from just three verse!!


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