Luke 11-12~ Day 28~ "When you pray, say...."

When I had my babies, my husband and I decided we were going to dedicate them to the Lord at our nondenominational church.  However, my parents, being Lutheran, wanted them baptized as infants.  In order to avoid anguish of heart, we returned to the church I grew up in and baptized each one.  

Listening to the words given by the pastor, it was basically a ceremony where the parents promise to raise the child to know about Christ.  That seemed like a dedication to me!!  One promise that I had to respond with “I do”, was to teach my child the Lord’s prayer.  That was one promise I knew I could keep, and I did!  It was an easy promise because I love the example Jesus gave to his disciples on how to pray! (11:2-4)

There are times that I just can’t come up with the words I want or need to say to my Lord.  It’s at those times, I think of his prayer.  This prayer has a way of putting my mind in order!
1.) Put God on his throne!
2.) Realize I am dependent on him for everything, everyday!!
3.) Remember that I am forgiven, so extend forgiveness to others!
4.) Remember there is a spiritual battle and I need Jesus to help me fight that battle.
5.) And in Matthew’s version (6:9-13), remember Jesus is coming back!!

It was always so precious hearing my little kids, with their sweet little voices recite the Lord’s prayer.  I can imagine our Heavenly Father, hearing us pray a similar outline, thinks we sound sweet too!  

What did you get out of the reading today?


Christine R said…
Having taught my little guy how to put on the armor of God, I now see how important it is for me to also teach him the Lord's Prayer. Growing up Catholic, it was just something you did. But what a beautiful way to teach him how to pray and that when he doesn't really know what to pray, he can keep it short and follow the Lord's example. I was also struck, and have been throughout all of the Gospels, how many times Jesus is reading the thoughts and motives of the heart of all of those he encounters. It is such a good reminder to me that washing myself from the inside out is what's most important. And that really goes back to what I like about the Lord's Prayer where he's asking us to do an internal inspection and to ask for forgiveness probably a lot of it being just what's in our minds and in our hearts maybe not even what we've done or said...
Rapster J said…
Does your church (non denominational) recite the Lord's prayer together? Mine does not (Calvary Chapel). Just wondering.
Although, I just went to a funeral at my church recently where there were many different denominations represented by the friends of the deceased. The Lord’s Prayer was recited then and many people joined in.

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