Day 💯 ~ Acts 22

You just doesn’t matter how “right” you live. People who don’t have Jesus in their hearts will condemn you no matter what! 
Yesterday, it was pointed out that Paul was still living as a devout man according to the law. He was paying for his and his friends vows in the temple (vs 24) and he purified himself (vs 26). Yet, He was victim to people’s assumptions that he was not living according to the law.
Poor guy.... I bet he was experiencing a gamete of emotions! 
But, at least His experience and how he dealt with it, helps us! 

In today’s culture we may be accused of untruths as well. It’s great that we have Paul’s example. He just stuck with his testimony of how he met Jesus and how that changed his life. That’s all he needed to say and that’s all we need to say as well.


Keri Sukut said…
FYI - your text today and yesterday is barely visible - not in white but a very faint gray. Not sure why??? Maybe its only my computer.
Rapster J said…
Yes, the print is faint for me too, maybe you are using a colored font. I thought it was so interesting how the crowd was with Paul all the way until he said he was going to the Gentiles (even tho God told him to). Same thing with Jesus in John 6, when He was talking about eating His flesh and drinking His blood, "many of His disciples turned back and no longer followed Him." There are probably many things (I can think of a few even now) that if Jesus told me to change my thinking about certain people/ideas, I pray I would NOT turn away!
Thanks for letting me know! I had been adding it to the blog from my phone the past two days. I don’t know that changes the color of the font. Glad I know now!
Oooh, interesting thought....if he told you to change your way of thinkIng....

It was late in life that I learned the meaning of a “paradigm shift”. I guess as we grow in our faith, we will have a few of those along the way!
Lori said…
Mine was fine.

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