Day 96~ Acts 18

I love how Luke slid in the story of Apollos. I think I can get caught thinking that Paul is a  superhuman, gifted by God to do powerful things and there has been no one like him since! But, Luke shows us – no… God can use anyone! He will use people in mighty ways even if they didn’t have a “Damascus experience“ (ch. 9). That is why I think the story of the Apollos is cool.  His testimony?…”He had been instructed in the way of the Lord.” (Vs. 25)
That’s my testimony- no Damascus, just have been instructed and believed! 
So, I can be like Apollos!!
“And being fervent in spirit he spoke and taught accurately the things concerning Jesus…(vs. 25)
I love how he was open to being taught by “older Christians“ and then after he headed out, over to Achaea (modern day Greece) to “help those who through grace had believed.” (18:37)

Boy!..All this talk of Paul, Priscilla, Aquila and Apollos moving around, encouraging believers… It makes me want to go on a mission trip! 😄


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