Day 91~ Acts 13~ Don't forget to get a new reading schedule!

Here’s a little bit more about my buddy Barny (Barnabas, AKA Joseph).  Do you remember he was a Levite from Cyprus? (4:36)
Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea.  I calculated how big it is…it’s a little smaller than the big island of Hawaii.  It’s a dry island with mild winter temperatures and warm to hot summer temperatures.

We read today that the leaders of the church of Antioch sent Barney and Paul to be missionaries……and where did they go first?….Back to Barney’s native country!   Maybe he wanted to head there first to get some supplies from his family for their trip, who knows?  I just thought that was interesting.  Especially since their trip was a lot longer than I first imagined.

I lose perspective when I read about the trips that these guys did.  I have a travel mentality that I can get anywhere in a day or two with the use of a car or plane, but these guys walked!!  To walk the width of the island of Crete would be like walking from San Clemente to down town San Diego! That’s a long walk!!!  
When Luke (the writer of Acts) writes, “Now Paul and his companions set sail from Paphos and came to Perga in Pamphylia.” (13:13)  He doesn’t mention that Perga is 8 miles inland, so they had about a 2 hour walk from the shore to town.

The trip that these two missionaries embarked on has been speculated to have lasted 1 & 1/2 years!  No wonder!  It took awhile to get to each place!  I just don’t think about that when I read about their whole trip in just 2 chapters (13-14).  The next thing I know they are home again reporting back to the church that sent them out. (14:27)


Rapster J said…
I love the first verse describing the group- such diversity of background and class! Only in Jesus.....
So true!
I also noticed how the Jewish people spread out much farther than “the promised land”. It seemed that there were pockets of Jewish people with synagogues everywhere!

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