Day 90~ Acts 11 & 12 ~Print out new schedule for tomorrow!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family, celebrating that Christ rose again!! I can’t wait for his second coming!!

I have made some changes to the reading schedule, so please print out a new copy under the Spiritual Fervor Tab.  We are half way through the 6 month reading plan!!! Woo Woo!!

Barnabas stood out to me today in the reading.  I loved reading “…he exhorted them all to remain faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose.” (11:23) 
Christians way back then needed to be exhorted to remain faithful.  I believe Christians today need the same thing!  
The pastor at our church nailed it yesterday!  He was like Barnabas; encouraging those with a faith and challenging others to get their lives right with God.  

The name Barnabas means to encourage and to comfort.  What a great name!  I want to be a Barnabas!! I Googled him, to learn more about him.  Legend has it that he too, like the apostles, was martyred for his faith.  Isn’t that strange?  One who was known to be encouraging and a comfort for those in the faith, was killed for that faith.  That’s radical~

Yup, I want to be like him…..


Keri Sukut said…
God has blessed my life with several Barnabas-like friends...and you are definitely one of them!! xoxo're so sweet. The feeling is absolutely mutual!!!

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