Day 115~ Romans 9-10 ~ God's sovereignty/man's responsibility

From now to the end of our reading in June, we will be going back to reading two chapters a day.  That’s good for getting better context of the authors thoughts!
I am super glad we started the two chapters/day, today!!  It would be really hard to understand ch. 9 if we didn’t keep reading through ch.10! 

Chapter 9 is such a good chapter to remind  ALL people that God doesn’t owe anyone salvation.  Remember in 3: 23, Paul wrote, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”  Yet, by his grace (a gift, 3:24) salvation is given to those who have faith in Jesus (3:26).  It is to those people (the ones with faith) he choses to have mercy (9:15-16).  He hardens those who have turned away from him (Rom. 1:24).

These chapters, read together, show that God’s sovereignty (ch 9) and human responsibility (ch 10) are not mutually exclusive.  I like how my commentary put it, they are “compatable”.


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