Day 109~ Romans ~ antinomianism...what?...

Paul must have heard every argument under the sun from Jewish Christians or Pharisees seeking to understand this new teaching, as he went from synagogue to synagogue preaching the Good News.  So, in chapter 3 we get to see how he presents a way of thinking and debunks it, probably because he has heard this way of thinking before.
Jews had been raised knowing that God’s law is Holy.  Paul, teaching a new way of thinking is saying, nothing you do can make you holy- only faith in Jesus can do that (3:22).  So, it is understandable that the Jews, trying to process this, would deduce…then we don’t need to do anything the law tell us!

I learned a new word today.  The above way of thinking is called antinomianism.🤓  It means, one who rejects a socially established morality.  For Christians, it is one who holds the view that the moral law is of no use or obligation because faith alone is necessary to salvation. (That sounds familiar, I’ve actually heard Christians use this way of thinking.) 
Paul, however, absolutely debunks this notion right away!!!!  He knows his fellow Jews would “go there” in their thinking, so before they can even have a second thought on the matter he says, oh no, my friends, “we uphold the law”. (vs 31).  
Since we read only one chapter a day, we don’t get Paul’s full explanation, so I’ll give you a little preview…later in chapter 6 he expands on the idea by explaining that obedience to the law comes from the heart since, as Christians, we are now “slaves to righteousness.” (16:17-18)

This is good stuff!!  I can’t wait to keep reading this letter!!!


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