Day 108~ Ramans 2~ gotta read in context!

Reading one chapter a day has been nice, but it sure can break up a thought an author is trying to convey.  That is definitely the case with today’s reading!  You can’t read chapter 2 alone and get the gist of what Paul is trying to communicate about the law, Jews, gentiles and righteous judgement.

Personally, I feel this letter needs to be read in one sitting in order to get the full scope of the theology Paul is laying out. 
Case in point, when you read 2:6, “He will render to each one according to his works…”, it sounds like you can get rewarded for good works, right?….
ah,ah,ah,….you gotta keep reading….In the next chapter Paul will talk about the righteousness we get through faith in Jesus Christ (3:22).
Then…”what becomes of our boasting?” (It certainly isn’t in anything good we have done) “It is excluded.” (3:27)

So, I just thought I would warn you to be careful when reading one chapter at a time….sometimes you just gotta keep reading! 🤓


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