Day 106~ Acts 28~ all expense paid trip

At first, I thought it was kind’a odd that Luke focused so much on the itinerary of the trip.  For example, he briefly mentions the healings that took place on Malta (28:9) and that they stayed there 3 months, but then quickly goes back to describe the rest of the journey that took Paul to Rome.
I would have wanted more details of the 3 months…Wouldn’t it be great to hear how Paul converted them to Christianity?  How did he share the gospel?  How did they respond? Were they excited to hear about Jesus?  Were they sad to see Paul go?….Luke!!  Why didn’t you give us some details filled with emotion?

One thing we do know…the people of Malta liked Paul and his companions so much, they provided for all their needs for the rest of their journey (v.10).  Isn’t that just like God?!  He provides for our needs in perfect ways!  How else would Paul and his friends have been able to eat?  They say that travelers on ancient ships had to provide their own meals.  Well, Luke tells how God orchestrated that!

Luke’s purpose in writing this part of Acts is not so much to share what happened in the life of other people.  Luke is showing how the journey for Paul to Rome had been divinely orchestrated down to the tiniest details.  God wanted Paul in Rome for a reason!  God was in charge and his will prevailed!
I love how the book ends with Paul, “..proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hinderance.” (v 31) 
That is so cool!! 

God was so cleaver on how he got Paul to Rome on an “all expense paid trip” to accomplish his purpose!  This is a great example to remind me how God operates.  When I am in a storm, I gotta remember that he is using that storm to get me from point A to point B in my life.  I gotta remember to look for the silver lining…the all expense paid trip! 😉


Scott said…
I would rather pay for the trip and not have to experience the almost deadly storm.
I don’t know about that!😬
Trip planned by God vs doing things on your own.....🤭
Maybe there would be no survival?.....😯

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