Day 105~ Acts 27

Luke gets super detailed describing their journey to Rome!  He uses names of islands, directions they use to pass those islands, and how the winds blew. He describes with precision what days they tossed gear overboard and how conversations went.  

I’ve been on a fair amount of trips and I know a little about journaling those trips.  Speaking from experience, it’s hard to remember details after a trip, even if you try to write just days after arriving home.  For that reason, I believe Luke was taking notes everyday of the journey.  His use of detail helps solidify, for me, the fact that the book of Acts is filled with accounts of real events happening to real people.  In the case of this chapter, 276 men were experiencing this real event!

Can you imagine the opportunity Paul, Luke and Aristarchus (vs 2) had to share the gospel with these frightened men?  For 14 days the group hadn’t eaten and were stressed out!  I’m sure Paul wouldn’t have passes up an opportunity to talk about Jesus!  I love how Paul’s calmness in thanking God and eating, encouraged the others to do the same.  

I pray that if I am ever in a situation where everyone around me is stressed, I can have, and show, the peace that comes from knowing I am in God’s hands.  After all, it would look a little strange if one who is supposed to trust in God, looked as stressed as the others, right?….wait a minute…shouldn’t I be like that everyday…on every issue….not just those times of severe storms?…….hummmm, something to think about…..


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