Day 101~ Acts 23

40 men took an oath to not eat or drink until they killed Paul (vs 14)!!  (Did they die of starvation or break their oath?  Haha~ I highly doubt they starved to death!!) 
The tribune ordered 200 soldiers, with 70 horsemen and 200 spearmen.  That’s 470 people to protect Paul from 40?!  So, we are talking, more than 500 people were involved in Paul’s situation!!!
That’s almost comical if you think about it!  I am sure each soldier asked the other, “So, what are we doing tonight?,  Who is this Paul guy and why does he deserve such protection?”…..“He is a guy who says that he has hope in the resurrection of a guy named Jesus.”……“Oh, I’ve heard that name before!”

So, 500 people in one evening learn about Jesus.  Today’s event coordinators wouldn’t be able to pull off a revival meeting as easy, that’s for sure!  God is so cleaver!! (And down right funny!)  I bet he had a smile on his face, anticipating what he had planned when he said to Paul, “Take courage for as you have testified to the facts about me in Jerusalem, so you must testify also in Rome.” (23:11)


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