Day 66~ 1 Thess. 2-5

The Thessalonian Christians were a group of people made up of Jews, God-fearing Greeks and some prominent women (Acts 17:4)  Remember poor Jason getting dragged out of his house, being accused of hosting Paul & Silas?  Jason had to post bond before they let him go and Paul had to leave Thessalonica that night to avoid getting ‘dragged out’ himself! 
I bet that is the scene Paul was referring to when he says in 2:2, “…with the help of our God we dared to tell you his gospel in spite of strong opposition.”

If you shared the gospel with someone and then had to leave suddenly, wouldn’t you be dying to know to know if they “kept the faith?” (3:5)  Paul was!  And he was thrilled to hear from Timothy that they had stood firm (3:8).
In fact, their faith in God had become known everywhere (1:8)! 🙌🏻

Yet, they had some questions for the apostle Paul that they had passed on to Timothy.   So Paul took the opportunity in this letter to address those questions of, “What about end times?” “When is that?” “What will happen to our dear friends & family who have died before Christ returns?”  
I am glad they asked these questions because it’s from this letter that we learn a lot about the second coming of Christ.  Did you catch that we are supposed to encourage each other with talk about the second coming (4:18)?
That was good for me to read because I often think, that event won’t happen in my life time.  However, knowing about the second coming, remembering it will happen and talking about it with other believers, we do not need “to grieve like the rest of men who have no hope” (4:13).  
We have this blessed hope!  

Thanks, Paul, for giving the Thessalonians, and us, this heads-up!!


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