1 Kings 2- Ecclesiastes 8- God makes both the good and bad times!

 It sure is fun to be reading Ecclesiastes again!  It's been awhile since I last read this!  There is sooo much good stuff in there!!  Was there one verse that stood out to you?  One verse that hit me hard was found in chapter 7, "When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider this: God has made the one as well as the other.  Therefore, no one can discover anything about their future." (7:14) Why is it that whenever we have it good, we can "see God's hand in our lives", but when things go wrong we think he has abandoned us?  The verse above reminds me that God sets up both circumstances.  He is with us ALL the time and watches to see how we respond to the circumstances he sets up.  Will we be faithful regardless of our daily life circumstances?  God is super concerned about the genuineness of our faith.  To him our faith is worth more than gold!!! (1Peter 1:7) Therefore, he uses both the good times and the bad to refine our faith (Psalm 66:1

2 Samual 15- 1 Kings 1- God knows the heart!

I have to be honest, I paused a long time contemplating Joab last week!  I liked Joab!  He was so loyal to David....or so I thought.....😞 I guess the old saying rings true, you can't judge a book by it's cover! I tried hard to follow all the names that were listed in the chapters related to Joab.  It turns out, he was David's nephew! (1 Chronicles 2:13-17) Remember, David was the youngest of 7 brothers? He also had two sisters. If you take the time to draw out the family tree, you will see a lot of relationships between David and his warriors. Joab, the son of David's sister may have been close in age to David if David's sister was older than those 7 brothers. So, it makes sense that David would have loyal family members helping him, and have them in high positions.  As I read, I did think it was strange and even bad that Joab did some killing of close family members (Absalom, Abner and  Amasa).  But, I thought he was doing it to secure King David's position!  

2 Samual 12-18- A man after God's heart!

I love reading the Psalms that David wrote that correlate to the Samual reading!  Early this week we read how Nathan rebuked David for the sin he committed by having an affair with a married woman and then covering it up with a murder. 😱 It's interesting to read the narrative in 2 Samual, but it is absolutely fascinating to get a "behind the scene glimpse" into what David was thinking at the time!   I am so glad David "kept a diary" of sorts, because we get to see his contrite heart, the type of heart that God likes! Remember Samual said, "the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart" 1 Sam 13:14, referring to David.  The thoughts of David recorded in Psalms give us an idea of what that means! David did not respond with the pride of a king, like Saul's responses to his sin, rather he begged for mercy from God (Psalm 51:1) He acknowledged his sin. 51:3 He understood the consequences of sin. 51:4 (That's why he begged for mercy) He asked to

2 Samual 5-11

 Hello all, Confession here.  I am in a motorhome traveling across the country so writing the blog has been a bit more difficult for me. BUT, I am keeping up with the reading! How about you?  This blog should have been posted 3 days ago so you may not remember what stood out to you last week, but I wanted to quickly share what stood out to me.  2 Samual 7:14-15, “I will be to him a father, and he will be me a son. When he commits an equity I will discipline him with the right of men, with this stripes of the sons of men, but my steadfast love will not depart from him, as I took it from Saul, whom I put away from before you.” Obviously, God is talking about Solomon (and maybe even foreshadowing Jesus as far as saying David’s throne will be established forever), but, I can’t help focusing in on how God said, when he (Solomon, you and me) do something wrong, we will be disciplined (suffer the consequences, just as David did in chapter 12), but God’s “steadfast love will not depart from hi

1 Samual 28- 2 Samual 4- Jonathan was a great example!

Hello Old Testament Readers!  Just a quick note to say that I believe the Blogger site I use will stop sending emails when I post.    They are changing the way they are doing things starting this month, therefore emails will be stopping.  ☹️ I hope you continue to read even though you won’t be getting my reminders.    You can always check in to my blog using the “” site to see what I have posted and comment about your reading.  On that note, what did you get out of the reading last week?  There is much to say about the reading, but one thing that stood out to me was what David said about Saul and Jonathan after they died. In 2 Sam. 1:23, he says, “In life and death they were not divided; they were swifter than eagles, they were stronger than lions.”  What an honoring eulogy David gave!  What struck me about it is what he said about Jonathan.  Now, we know from out reading that Jonathan gave his father the benefit of the doubt and had a tight relationship with his d

1 Samuel 20-27- God knows every outcome!!

Hello all, I hope you had fun celebrating the dads in your life today!  So,!.. I found there was so much to comment on in this weeks reading! We read the story of David eating the consecrated bread that was meant only for priests. I remember that Jesus referred to that story in Mark 2:25!  Now, I can see why Jesus referred to that story of David, when the Pharisees were giving him a hard time for doing something unlawful on the Sabbath. David and Ahimelek understood that the laws given were to benefit man, not to harm them. So David technically did something “unlawful”, but it was done to save lives. Jesus was reminding the Pharisees of this fact by bringing up David’s “unlawful act”. God desires “mercy over sacrifice”. (Matthew 12:7). Another thing I thought interesting in the reading this week was how David asked God what would happen....and God told him!    (1 Sam 23:11-12) Therefore, due to what God said, David did something different, to keep that from happening!   Isn’t tha

1 Sam. 11-19

 Hello to all who are reading 1Samuel with me!! My intention has been to post something every Sunday  to keep those reminders being sent to you to keep reading.  However, what’s the saying?.... “Even the best of intentions mean nothing.  It’s  what you do.”😜 So, now it’s Wednesday and I now have the time to reflect back on last week’s reading. I must say, I think Saul represents the average Joe pretty well. 😳 He knew what God expected of him, yet he chose to do things his own way. Sadly, I can relate. How about you?  In chapter 13,  you might have wondered what Saul did that Samuel said was so foolish and would result in him losing the kingdom.  After all, it sounded good that he wanted to seek the “Lord’s favor”, didn’t it? He offered a burnt offering (vs. 9).  That sounds good doesn’t it? Well,’s never good if you do things your way and not the way God wants it!  If you recall....Saul was a Benjamite (9:21). Who were allowed to do the offerings for the people? The Leviticus