Day 44~ Romans 7-9

I find it funny that Peter, an apostle, admits that Paul’s letters “contain some things that are hard to understand” 2 Peter 3:16. (So true!), but it’s not funny when he warns that “ignorant & unstable people distort his letters”  😳 That would be a good reason to read Paul’s letters in their full context and not be guilty of using some verses out of context.  This is one benefit of reading through the whole New Testament in 90 days, it is easier to pick up the whole gist of the points being made! 
We read some verses today where I have heard Christians, even a pastor once, apply them incorrectly.   Have you ever heard a fellow Christian describe themselves by quoting Romans 7:19? “For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do - this I keep on doing.”   “Good thing I am forgiven by Christ so I am forgiven for the things I keep doing!” “I have a desire to do what is good, but I can not carry it out”. (7:18) 😣
This is a prime example of using scripture o…

Day 43- Romans 4-6

So, I have been in communication with a guy named Bart Campolo.  I think it has been over four years ago that he renounced his faith in God.  He is now a secular humanist (after being a professional Christian speaker for over 20 years). I listened to a video he did around 2010 when he was still claiming to be a Christian.  His theology was way off then, so his derailment doesn’t come as a surprise. 😔
I am giving you the link so that you can see how some Christians can get REALLY confused with the teachings of Christ if they aren’t doing their own personal reading.   I am giving it to you now because our reading today is the clearest rebuttal to Bart, even though the theme of atonement is weaved through the entire Bible.  (Skip the ad, the video is only 2 minutes long.)  
I was so disturbed when I saw this!  I was wondering how I would have responded in person if I was having a conversation with Bart.  To be honest, I don’t think I would have com…

Day 42~ Romans 1-3

I have heard that Rom. 1:17, “The righteous will live by faith”, is the verse that brought Martin Luther (the German theologian from the 1500’s) to genuine faith.  He had been trying to appease God through his works.  By reading Romans 1:17, he recognized that righteousness comes as a free gift of God’s grace through our faith in Jesus Christ.
The verse that stuck out to me was 1:5, when Paul said we have been called “to obedience that comes from faith.” So, how I see it from these two verses is, we are righteous as a result of our faith and we are obedient because of that faith.
So, to answer yesterday’s question, “How would you prove to others you were a Christian?”…….
Well, one way is to show our obedience to God’s word (“The very words of God” 3:2!!!) So, do what it says!  Good thing we are doing this 90 day reading so we can learn what to do!  (Plus we have the Holy Spirit who teaches us as well, John 14:26). For starters we can look at today’s reading for things we can do to obey, lik…

Acts 28- Only one chapter!!! This can be a catch up day!!! Day 41

We finish Acts today!  That was fast!We have read about how the church started and how the Christian movement spread across the whole Mediterranean area.

Reading about how those first believers experienced miracles (3:6, 5:12, 14:3) and “All the believers were one in heart and mind” (4:32) sharing what they had with one another, you would think that they would have had a good reputation.  You would think that everything would have been honky-dory in the early church because they had the best of the best teaching! Right?! Yet, they didn’t have a good reputation (sounds like the church today)! 
The Jewish people in Rome said they wanted to hear what Paul’s views were because “people everywhere are talking against this sect”  Against the sect??? Why weren’t the stories spread of how loving these first Christians were; how giving; how miracles happened around them?  Why didn’t they have a good reputation?……How sad!  But in reality, that is also the reputation of the church today. Nothing ha…

Day 40!!!!!!! How's your reading going???

Acts 25-27

Did anything stick out to you in todays reading?
I liked how Paul summed up the Christian message when he was talking to King Agrippa in 26:17-20.
“I preached that they should repent and turn to God (that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith, vs.17) and prove their repentance by their deeds.” (vs.20)
That sums it up!  So simple!  However, some Christian teachers in our culture today, fear the concept of “works for salvation” so much, that they tend to ignore that last line, “..prove their repentance”.  Yet, it was part of the few words Paul chose to sum up his message…….Interesting….

Our pastor asked the congregation last Sunday, “How would you prove to others you were a Christian?”  Good question, don’t ya think?  Get’s you to think……

Day 39~ Acts 22-24

The scene in Acts 23:3-5 stuck out to me today!…..Awkward! 
“Do not speak evil about the ruler of your people.”  
When Paul says “for it is written” he was referring to Exodus 22:28, “Do not blaspheme God or curse the ruler of your people.”

I was just thinking…… people who claim to be Christians, in our country, should keep scripture fresh in their mind…..or else they tend to forget what it says……

Good thing scripture was fresh in Paul's mind and he was quick to admit his error.

Day 38~ Acts 19 & 21

Sometimes I think it can be hard to interpret what the Holy Spirit is telling me!  I wanna be more like Paul!  He was confident that he heard from God!! God speaks to us in several ways; through His word (2 Tim 3:17), fellow Christians (Prov. 11:14, 27:9) and also through prayer.  He may just place a burden on your heart that you know is from him. (John 10:2-5, Romans 12:2) 
Yet, if I had been in Paul’s shoes (sandals) I would have been confused and gone back and forth about this trip to Jerusalem!   Paul was “compelled by the Sprite” to go to Jerusalem (20:21), even though the Holy Spirit also warned him that he would be facing prison and hardship (20:23). Christian friends in Tyre and Caesarea urged him not to go.  In fact, Luke writes that it was “Through the Spirit” that they urged him not to go! (21:4)  Wouldn’t that get you to second guess yourself?
I just read in Proverbs the other day, “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel.” (12:1…