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A little Easter Hospitality

So, I am in a book club.  I love to host these gals because it gives me an opportunity to make them feel special, at least one day of the month, like those gals did for me way back in my MOPS days.  So, when and if I can, I like to give them a little treat on their plate.  It may seem like something a kindergarten teacher would do for her students, but I can't help it, I think it’s fun!  (My mom always told me she thought I was going to choose teaching over nursing when I was young.) So, if you are in my book club, you will be seeing these next week! Hahaha  I thought I would share the idea just in case you wanted to give a little Easter blessing to someone in your life. I was inspired by a Pinterest idea and then thought of something to use MY favorite candy! This is the address of the original idea:   My favorite candy: My version of Easter Hospitality: