Reading Plans to keep your Spiritual Fervor

What better way to keep your spiritual fervor than having a steady diet of God's word! With that diet, you will have the energy and fervor to get through all that each day has in store.

Below are reading plans I use.  
 I will be using the 120 Day plan this time around.  Starting Jan. 1st, we will be finished the last day of April. It's only one to two chapters a day!! 

  I recommend you print out the plan. There are two parts to the 181 reading plan, so make sure to print out both sheets.  I am unable to get the document to print by just right clicking your mouse and choosing print.  You will have to right click and choose "download linked file".  Then go to your downloads to print from there. Or you can right click to "share" it with yourself or others by email. 

 Keep it in your Bible and check off the days as you go.  
I find it very satisfying to see the checks fill the page! 😉


  1. its printing now! I have not read the Bible in this order and I am very excited!