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2 Kings 20- 25- We did it! Six books of the Old Testament and a few Psalms!

We are done! I really enjoyed that summer reading plan!! I hope you did too. It was great to be able to read about the rise of Israel with the first of their kings, Saul, David and Solomon (boy, that seems like a long time ago that we read about that!).  And then, it was sad to read how Israel split into two kingdoms, Israel and Judah, and all the subsequent kings who didn't want to follow in the way of the Lord.   As a result, Israel is completely wiped out and then Judah, in short order, falls as well.  Yet, after all that sad reading, we were left with a slight ray of hope!!!! Did you notice how the reading ended?  2 Kings 24 says that Jehoiachin is taken captive and brought to Babylon.  He was 18 years old when that happened.  Then 37 years later.....the King of Babylon released him from prison!  What??... what came over that foreign king to speak "kindly" to Jehoiachin and give him a seat above the other seats of the kings who were with him in Babylon? (25:28)  I tel

2 Kings 13- 2 Kings 19- Conviction from the Holy Spirit is a good thing!

 Did anyone else feel a sense of wistfulness for Israel when reading chapter 17? Looking at all the sad faces next to the kings of Israel, it's clear to see that the end was coming, but I wish it could have been different.  I wish they hadn't become so "stubborn" and stayed in their unbelief (17:14).  I wish they could have had a couple good leaders like Judah had.  Judah had some bad kings, but then some good...that would get the people back on track. Why weren't there any good kings in Israel line?  And then, the final blow came during the time of King Hoshea. 😞 The Assyrians attack Samaria; the end arrived.  It sounded so utterly final.  "The people of Israel continued in all the sins that Jeroboam committed; they did not depart from them until the Lord removed Israel out of his sight, as he foretold through all his servants the prophets.  So Israel was exiled from their own land to Assyria until this day." (2 Kings 17:22-23) Boom! End of game! It ma