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1 Samual 28- 2 Samual 4- Jonathan was a great example!

Hello Old Testament Readers!  Just a quick note to say that I believe the Blogger site I use will stop sending emails when I post.    They are changing the way they are doing things starting this month, therefore emails will be stopping.  ☹️ I hope you continue to read even though you won’t be getting my reminders.    You can always check in to my blog using the “” site to see what I have posted and comment about your reading.  On that note, what did you get out of the reading last week?  There is much to say about the reading, but one thing that stood out to me was what David said about Saul and Jonathan after they died. In 2 Sam. 1:23, he says, “In life and death they were not divided; they were swifter than eagles, they were stronger than lions.”  What an honoring eulogy David gave!  What struck me about it is what he said about Jonathan.  Now, we know from out reading that Jonathan gave his father the benefit of the doubt and had a tight relationship with his d

1 Samuel 20-27- God knows every outcome!!

Hello all, I hope you had fun celebrating the dads in your life today!  So,!.. I found there was so much to comment on in this weeks reading! We read the story of David eating the consecrated bread that was meant only for priests. I remember that Jesus referred to that story in Mark 2:25!  Now, I can see why Jesus referred to that story of David, when the Pharisees were giving him a hard time for doing something unlawful on the Sabbath. David and Ahimelek understood that the laws given were to benefit man, not to harm them. So David technically did something “unlawful”, but it was done to save lives. Jesus was reminding the Pharisees of this fact by bringing up David’s “unlawful act”. God desires “mercy over sacrifice”. (Matthew 12:7). Another thing I thought interesting in the reading this week was how David asked God what would happen....and God told him!    (1 Sam 23:11-12) Therefore, due to what God said, David did something different, to keep that from happening!   Isn’t tha

1 Sam. 11-19

 Hello to all who are reading 1Samuel with me!! My intention has been to post something every Sunday  to keep those reminders being sent to you to keep reading.  However, what’s the saying?.... “Even the best of intentions mean nothing.  It’s  what you do.”😜 So, now it’s Wednesday and I now have the time to reflect back on last week’s reading. I must say, I think Saul represents the average Joe pretty well. 😳 He knew what God expected of him, yet he chose to do things his own way. Sadly, I can relate. How about you?  In chapter 13,  you might have wondered what Saul did that Samuel said was so foolish and would result in him losing the kingdom.  After all, it sounded good that he wanted to seek the “Lord’s favor”, didn’t it? He offered a burnt offering (vs. 9).  That sounds good doesn’t it? Well,’s never good if you do things your way and not the way God wants it!  If you recall....Saul was a Benjamite (9:21). Who were allowed to do the offerings for the people? The Leviticus

1 Samual 1-12 - Serve Him with your whole heart!

 Wow!  Only one week into the summer reading and we have already read 12 chapters!!  Some people think that the Old Testament is full of stories, without much practical application for today.  I just don't see it that way!! I got a lot of practical tid bits out of the reading this week that were good reminders for me on how to live my life in a God honoring way. One major theme I pulled out of the reading was to ask myself, who do I have as king of my life?  God wanted Israel to keep Him as their king, but they chose to have a human king instead.   God is asking me the same question of me.  "Who do you want to have charge over your life? Me, you or someone else?  If you chose me, then serve me with all your heart" (12:20)  If I am serving myself with all me heart, I have chosen to make myself king of my life!  That's like choosing to have Saul as my king.   I know I want Jesus as my king , (especially since I know how all this ends, from my recent reading in Revelati

I'm starting my Summer Reading Today!!! I hope you join me!!

Do you want to dig into some Old Testament reading?   I have the perfect plan for some "light" summer reading.  It's only one chapter a day, but, by September, you will have read through 5 books of the Old Testament and a few of the Psalms!  I say that sounds like a good plan! I hope you join me!! The reading starts today!!! If you sign up to receive my weekly posts, you will get a reminder to where you should be in the reading each week.  I also hope you post a response once in a while, to let me know that someone "out there" is reading along with me! 😉 I recommend you go to the "Spiritual Fervor" tab to print out the plan so that you can follow along easily. I am excited to get started!! I hope you join me! Happy Reading!!