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2 Corinthians 6-12 - There is MORE to learn from our suffering!!

Hello New Testament Readers!! I was out of town this week so I was not a part of Community Bible Reading.  However, I am keeping up on the reading!! How about you?  Are you keeping up?  I alos watched these videos and they are good!! Here are the links to the morning. Hope you enjoy! CBR #21- History portion with Judy: CBR #21-2 Corinthians 6-12--Kim speaks on Suffering part 2

1 Corinthians 15 -->2 Corinthians 5 - Suffering has a purpose!

Hello New Testament Readers!!!  πŸ“– Today was a "re-introduction" sort of day at CBR  We have had many new-comers to over the weeks, so I thought it would be good to take some time to reintroduce the (growing) steering team and small group leaders. In addition, I wanted to remind everyone that CBR is a "Bible Reading", which is different than a Bible Study.  Our group time is meant to be like a "book club" where we share what we got out of the reading.  God's word is powerful, alive and active! What an awesome opportunity to share with others what  God impressed on you, yet also use the time to seek clarification to what he says in His word.  Together we are "iron sharpening iron" (Prov. 27:17)  ⚔️ So, there is  no  "history" portion for today.   One of the new members of the speaking team is Judy Starr. πŸ’«  We are so blessed to add her to the rotation!   She did her talk on "suffering", (something we can all relate to) and

1 Corinthians 8-14- Bloody Mary? 😳

Hello New Testament Readers!! Here are the links from yesterdays CBR: The history portion gets into the Blood Mary. Sharon focuses on the unique gifts God gives us. Have fun reading 1 Corinthians 15- 2 Corinthians 5.  I look forward to seeing you next week, and in the meantime have fun celebrating the one's you love on Valentines this Sunday!!  ❤️πŸ’›❤️πŸ’›❤️ Anita

1 Corinthians 1->7- Rewards!

I have a confession. I love to ski! 🎿 And when a trip comes up, I get so carried away in planning and going, I forget other things!! That is my excuse  for completely forgetting  to send out the links to last Tuesday’s talk History portion was a Q/A time r/t "rewards": Michelle talked on division in the church and Paul emphasizing "Christ crucified" in his teaching. Have a wonderful rest of your week reading 1 Cor. 8-14! 🌷Anita