Acts 23-23- The Reading Continues!!!

 Welcome back and Happy New Year!!

I am so excited to continue our reading through the New Testament!

If you are new to the reading, welcome!!

Below you will find the links to the two videos of our morning at CBR (Community Bible Reading).

Each week I will post links to the talks that relate to the weekly reading. Watch only if you desire, but keep reading along with us! 

Comment if you have any questions or thoughts.  I would love to talk with you about it!

My talk was on the third festival that God himself instituted~ Interesting stuff!😉
Kim did a fabulous job reminding us, using the story of Paul and Silas in chapter 16, that we can praise God even in our hard circumstances.  She read a very powerful article that was written by a pastor who recently lost his son.  Some of you asked for the link to that article so it is included below as well.  

Anita's history:
Kim's talk:

"When All Seems To Be Gain, Plan for Loss":


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