A New Year's Resolution!!!

If you haven't joined the reading plan yet, now is the perfect time to start!!!  A new year, a new try at getting through the New Testament!

We are just finishing up Acts and then....the reading seems to ramp up to warp speed, flying through 20 books of the New Testament in just half a year!!

Come on!!! Make it your New Year's Resolution!

Have a friend join you so that you can talk about your reading with someone else.  That makes the it like you are in the ultimate book club! 

If you don't have anyone to talk about the reading with, you can always talk to me!!! I would love to hear your comments right here on the blog, and I will comment back!  

Go to the reading plan tab and print out the plan that started Sept. 15th

Start today on the week of January 5th.  Finish up Acts with us and then we start Romans.  That's a great book!!  

I am excited to get going on this year's reading!!!

 I hope you join me!!


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