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Romans 10- 1Cor. 1-Interpreting scripture is affected by your “goggles”

Sorry this post is a little late!  This week, at CBR, was a Q/A time related to the reading we have done so far. But, since the questions that came in where pretty profound, only one question was addressed. Haha!!  Let me know what you think of the answer!! Kim’s talk does a great job of explaining what “dying to self” means. Happy Reading!! 

Romans 3-9- Faith is key!!

I talked a little about how the first chapter of Romans changed the life of Martin Luther, which in turn, changed many lives.  God's plan for us is powerful!!  All you need is faith in order to participate in that plan, as Sharon pointed out. Yet, with all the commentaries out there, understanding scripture can get complicated. I give an ever so brief explanation for two  different views on interpretation scripture and how those views can affect our interpretation. If you have anything to add, I would love to hear it in the comment section!  I hope you enjoy the videos.    History portion: Sharon's portion of faith: I hope your reading is going well!   Have a great week!

Acts24 - Romans 2- A Little Jewish History for Ya!

 Hello New Testament Readers! We are booking along in our reading and are already in Romans!  Can you believe it?! Here is the link to the history portion of CBR. The other talk was an overview of the reading.  I am assuming you have done the reading, so you don't need the review.  If you watch the history video, and know the correct pronunciation of halakha , let me know!!! I would love to learn from you!!  Also, just FYI, we struggled technically with the Power Point, so please excuse those intruptions! History portion:

Acts 23-23- The Reading Continues!!!

 Welcome back and Happy New Year!! I am so excited to continue our reading through the New Testament! If you are new to the reading, welcome!! Below you will find the links to the two videos of our morning at CBR (Community Bible Reading). Each week I will post links to the talks that relate to the weekly reading. Watch only if you desire, but keep reading along with us!  Comment if you have any questions or thoughts.  I would love to talk with you about it! My talk was on the third festival that God himself instituted~ Interesting stuff! 😉   Kim did a fabulous job reminding us, using the story of Paul and Silas in chapter 16, that we can praise God even in our hard circumstances.  She read a very powerful article that was written by a pastor who recently lost his son.  Some of you asked for the link to that article so it is included below as well.   Anita's history: Kim's talk: "When All Seems To Be Gain, Plan f

A New Year's Resolution!!!

If you haven't joined the reading plan yet, now is the perfect time to start!!!  A new year, a new try at getting through the New Testament! We are just finishing up Acts and then....the reading seems to ramp up to warp speed, flying through 20 books of the New Testament in just half a year!! Come on!!! Make it your New Year's Resolution! Have a friend join you so that you can talk about your reading with someone else.  That makes the it like you are in the ultimate book club!  If you don't have anyone to talk about the reading with, you can always talk to me!!! I would love to hear your comments right here on the blog, and I will comment back!   Go to the reading plan tab and print out the plan that started Sept. 15th Start today on the week of January 5th.  Finish up Acts with us and then we start Romans.  That's a great book!!   I am excited to get going on this year's reading!!!  I hope you join me!!