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John 17- Acts 2- Joy to the World!!

Hello New Testament Readers! Below you will find the links to yesterday's talks at CBR. After you see the "history portion" of the talks, you will understand when I say, I am praying for you and your family for that God given "Joy" this season as we think about that future banquet with Jesus! Thank you, Jesus, for providing a way for us to join you at taht banquet!! History portion: Sharon's portion:   I will be taking a break from posting for two weeks.  Please continue the reading every day during the Christmas and New Year season!   I will post again on or the day after January 5, 2021.  That post will cover the reading of Acts all the way through chapter  23.   I challenge you to read one chapter a day.  The reading won't seem so overwhelming compared to putting off 21 chapters to the last minute! 😜 After this, we will be flying through the books!!  What a gre

John 10-16~The temple and the Holy Spirit

Hello New Testament readers!  Below you will find two links to the recordings from this morning.  I talked about how the timing of John's gospel couldn't have come at a better time for the early Jewish Christians and Michelle talked about the Holy Spirit. If you weren't able to join us, I hope you enjoy the recordings! Anita's "history": Michelle's inspirational talk: Have a wonderful week reading the rest of John and starting Acts!!! Anita

Luke 20- John 9- We covered a lot of ground!

Welcome back from a Thanksgiving break, although we never broke from reading!  We covered 14 chapters the past two weeks!! I hope you are sticking with us! Here is the link to the history portion that talks about God given festivals: Here is the link to Kim's talk on how God can use your "sack lunch" he has given you to feed others: Have fun reading John 10-16 this week! I would love to hear any comments you may have on the reading!!  Blessing to you! Anita