Judges 20- Ruth 4- We are done with the summer reading!

We are done!!
We finished our summer reading in the Old Testament! That was fun!  How did you like getting to know our God, three in One,  a little better?

This past week's reading was interesting to me! Did you catch how Judges ended and Ruth began?  Judges ended with, "In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit." (21:25), which implies everyone was doing their own thing, not what God commanded in Joshua. Disobedience and waywardness was running rampant!

Then the book of Ruth starts off with, "In the days when the judges ruled, there was a famine in the land." (Ruth 1:1). That's a clear reference to the time of “Willy Nilly” the Israelites were practicing during the “time of Judges”. Yet, as we read Ruth, we learn of a couple who are of  “noble character" (Ruth 2:11 &  3:11), actually following God’s commands.  I loved the reminder that even in the bleakest of times, there always seems to be a remnant of true believers in the world! (Romans 11:2-5) Yay!!! There is hope as long as some have true faith!!!

I love that we finished our summer reading with a fabulous "love story".  I love ending on a happy note!  However, the book of Ruth is much more than a love story. It defines two other ideas:
1.) It sets the scene for the coming of David and the lineage that ultimately leads to Jesus.
2.) It explains or foreshadows, what Jesus ultimately does for His kinsmen. (That’s you and me!)

The first point is pretty self-explanatory, Jesus is a descendent of David, who himself descended from Boaz and Ruth (Matt. 1:5-16). The second point may need a little bit more clarification.

We read several times, starting with Naomi explaining to Ruth, that Boaz was a Guardian-redeemer.  That term is used in Leviticus 25:25-55, when the law explains how the nearest relative to one that finds themselves in a difficult situation, must help that relative out.
It’s not surprising that God would put a “guardian-redeemer” into the law and vocabulary of  the Israelite people (foreshadowing!!). The story of Ruth is like a pre-explanation of what God had in mind with his plans to send Jesus to redeem all his "kinsmen" from their seriously difficult situations.

I thought I would list some New Testament verses that described Jesus as a "redeemer". The legal term was one that Israelites were very familiar with, so they would have no difficulty in understanding the reference when the New Testament writers used the term to describe Jesus. (Gal. 4:5, Eph. 1:7, Heb. 9: 12-15, 1 Peter. 1: 18-19, & Rev 5:9).

God used some wild foreshadowing with the story of Ruth, wouldn't you agree?

Yes, I have loved reading the Old Testament this summer, looking to see how it all points to Jesus!  I am now eager to get back to the New Testament as well, which will be happening September 15.
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