Galatians 5- Ephesians 4- We can be strong with His power!

In light of what I commented on last week, it doesn’t surprise me that the verse below stood out to me this week.
“I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.” (Eph. 3:16).

The Holy Spirit will strengthen our “inner”being.

I liked reading that!! I often feel very weak physically but more often, I feel very weak with things like self control, patience, trust, you know, those inner things. I know what to do to improve my physical weakness; eat right, exercise, get rest.....but how do I fix the inner weaknesses? Paul gives such hope with his prayer for us! By the power of the Holy Spirit, I can have power over those inner weaknesses!

Like I mentioned last week, we are not guaranteed a life without physical ailments or healing from those ailments, but Paul encourages us with something very special! He reminds us that by the Spirit’s will, we are strengthened in our inner being!

I like what the Pulpit commentary said in regards to this verse:
“The inner man is the seat of influence, but with us it is the seat of spiritual feebleness. Most men may contrive to order their outward conduct suitably; but who has control of the inner man? Faith, trust, humility, love, patience, and the like grace is which belong to the inner man are what we are weakest in, and what we have least power to make strong. In this very region it is such that the Ephesians might be strengthened with might by the Spirit. The gift of the Spirit is available for this very purpose for all that ask him.”

I want to feel strong in my inner being! I can be strong with Jesus living in me!

Jesus, I know you live in my heart. By the power of your Spirit, help me to be strong in my faith, love humility, trust and patience! Amen!


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